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We want to be your trusted adviser who will work with you to customise a solution to protect your business, lifestyle and loved ones. But we won’t stop there!
We will keep alongside you to ensure your plan stays current and relevant. And whilst we’ll hope it doesn’t happen, if it does, we’ll be there to work on your behalf so that the family can focus on what’s important.
So, Really, Why Should You Choose Us As Your Trusted Adviser?


Because we are professional and independent:

  • We are not here just to sell you “stuff”
  • We will work on your behalf and in your interest
  • We are independent of any providers
  • Our recommendations are backed by independent market research

We expect that a good adviser is responsible for:

  • Ongoing education and compliance
  • Seeking opportunities to upskill
  • Keeping abreast of changes in the market and environment
  • Complying with regulatory requirements

Oh! And we are often told we are nice – that’s always a good place to start when building a long term relationship, don’t you think?


Who we are


Valentina Pereira
Director / Financial Adviser

Valentina is a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) graduate and also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales with over 15 years in accounting practice across various roles. A career break followed her leaving PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia as Head of Practice Operations and she has since added being a Registered Financial Adviser to her list of credentials. Read more...


Benjamin Tan
Finance Director

Benjamin is a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Besides having worked in the accounting practice, his work experience includes working for an international music label, an international oil and gas company and is now with a national retailer. Read more...


Valentina approached my business, Takapuna Physiotherapy and offered to look through my current personal and business insurance to see if I was getting the best cover/value for money.

She met with my husband and I and was extremely thorough in her assessment of our insurance needs. She spent a great deal of time ensuring we had all the information we needed to make a decision, and as I wanted to ensure the switch from our current broker was worth it, I asked her numerous questions which she patiently responded to very quickly. She had a very professional and friendly approach, and I had no doubt about her integrity or honesty.

I would highly recommend Valentina to anyone looking for a trustworthy insurance broker who will go the extra distance to ensure they get the best individualised insurance cover.

Nikki Stevens

The absolute need for some type of protection plan had been weighing heavily but finding someone we trusted enough in a country we had just arrived in, where everyone and everything was unfamiliar seemed so daunting until we met Valentina.

We were instantly put at ease and knew from the very start that our family's best interest was at the heart of her business interest. Every detail of recommendation, advice and shared information was discussed professionally and with absolute transparency.

Both Greg and I know for certain that any questions or concerns are answered or dealt with immediately and we can rest assured knowing that we, along with all of Valentina's clients, get nothing but VIP treatment in this, her area of expertise.

Greg Nunan & Natascha Haskins

We have known Valentina socially for a number of years. Valentina is a dedicated mother and gave her time freely as a volunteer at her church and daughter's school when she was a stay-at-home mum. When she upskilled and qualified as a Financial Advisor, she offered to do an audit of our financial position.

In her professional capacity, she shows the same dedication and commitment to her work. She is thorough, does her research and clearly knows her subject matter. She came back to us with a portfolio of our finances. It was well-thought out and clearly structured, providing us a good picture of how we stood.

It was timely for us to assess our position, and Valentina provided us some good recommendations to make the necessary changes. We were more than happy with Valentina's service and advice, and promptly asked her to recommend an appropriate life insurance policy for our 2 sons.

Gary Low and Bek Wong

I have known Valentina for a few years now and have got to learn much about her character and her values. Through this time, we have formed a friendship based on trust and respect.

What I have witnessed is her deep passion for helping people, particularly the disadvantaged, and her compassion and generosity. Using her accounting background, she has an analytical mind and focuses on achieving the best result for her clients. She does this by ensuring she understands the situation, paying attention to detail, and giving consideration to other points of view.

Over the years I have worked closely with thousands of advisers. An observation I have made is that the top advisers have certain traits in common, including genuinely caring for their clients often resulting in forming friendships, a desire to give the “right” personalised advice for a particular client and their situation, focusing on outcome which is not necessarily the easy road, and a strong desire to share and learn from fellow professionals. Valentina shares all of those traits.

I am proud to work alongside Valentina and to have shared clients with her.

Sasha Grujic

I was adequately happy with my life insurance policy and hadn’t planned to make any changes until I sat down with Valentina and realised what I was missing out on.

Valentina is knowledgeable, approachable and all around good at her job. I now have better coverage for less money and am very happy with my life insurance coverage.

Karen Simpson

Valentina is my sister but she did not compromise on her level of service towards me nor did she take me for granted.

She was professional and patient and answered all my questions to ensure that I understood what my options are. She is solution oriented and when I committed to my insurance plan, I was very clear about the protection I was getting.

Lynette Pereira

“Even after being with a leading Insurance Provider for years still we haven't had a slightest idea of what were our actual requirements and what cover we were lacking. After getting into acquaintance with Valentina and knowing her background, in the next meeting we were impressed with her work ethic and professionalism.

With her whole hearted efforts she made us aware of all the practical scenarios that we never thought of or imagined and gave us food for thought to make decisions that can prove helpful in the long run. Definitely, she is the right person to speak to and recommend her any day to get yourself sorted with your Insurance needs.”

Akshay, Nahush & Jasmine Rajgor

“After researching a range of offerings from a variety of New Zealand insurance companies, I approached Valentina for a 'no obligations' consultation regarding life insurance upon being recommended by a family member. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this endeavour.

Valentina provided me with an upfront and in depth explanation of the policies relevant to my circumstances, and ensured that I had a sound understanding of my options. The process was very efficient and hassle-free, hence I was able to find an effective solution for my needs at a competitive price and in a timely manner, but more importantly, with the reassurance of being with a great provider. Furthermore, the follow-up measures undertaken by Valentina were very effective in mitigating any exclusions which may have arisen had she not sought further clarification and liaised with the underwriters concerned.

I would gladly recommend consulting with Valentina with regards to insurance matters, as she is highly trustworthy and reliable with regards to this area.”

Jonathan Jayendran

“I approached Valentina as I was looking to get an insurance policy which I felt better reflected my needs. I was immediately put at ease upon seeing her passion, dedication, and desire to get the best results for her clients. Any questions I had were answered in no uncertain terms, even making me think about aspects which hadn’t even crossed my mind, allowing her to better tailor the policy to suit me.

Valentina is highly recommended for anyone looking for an insurance broker who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and shows a clear understanding of what her clients are looking for.”

Timothy Jayendran