Generally, we aspire to accumulate wealth either for ourselves or for the generations that follow us as we want our family to be better off than we are. To achieve this, often we start with the acquisition of a home and with most of us, this type of acquisition is backed by a substantial debt.

Shopping around for the best interest rates that the banks will offer you is a great place to start. However, what you will find in common with all of them is that generally you will take 30 years to pay off your mortgage.

This is where we could be of assistance to you. Yes, we will negotiate with the banks to get you the most favourable interest rates we can, but more importantly, we will strategically structure your loan based on your personal circumstances, to help you pay off your loan sooner than 30 years and save you interest. And this is without having to increase the amount of your mortgage repayment.

So, whether you are looking to purchase your first home or an investment property, have an existing mortgage or looking for a pre-approval, based on your needs:

  • We work in your best interest, not the bank’s
  • We provide you access to a variety of banks/lenders
  • We act on your behalf to secure your pre-approval
  • Typically, we negotiate better interest rates based on our relationships, competitive knowledge and industry expertise
  • Typically, we save you $000’s in interest repayments, putting you in a position to repay your mortgage years earlier

We do all of the above for you, as well as review your structure annually. And what’s more - you don’t have to pay us out of your interest savings, that’s yours to keep because the bank will pay us.