Frequently Asked Questions

As a Financial Adviser, we will take you through a process to identify your insurance needs based on your current financial situation, individual goals and aspirations to determine the appropriate level of cover you require. We are not tied to any one insurance provider and we will recommend the insurance provider that best suits your needs

No it wouldn’t. In fact with a Financial Adviser , you have the added value of a specialist doing the research on your behalf to determine which insurer meets your needs.

Our priority is to get you the cover that is best suited to your needs, with the features that will allow your claim to be paid when you need it.

You should review your insurance once a year and we will contact you to ensure that is done. But there are significant events that could occur sooner than the annual review such as getting married, purchasing property, adding to your family and changing jobs, in which case, you need to call us asap!

If you need to make a claim, contact us and we will be your advocate and strive to achieve the best outcome for you. We will monitor and manage your claim, keeping you informed regularly until the claim process is concluded.

Should you have any questions not addressed above, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

Tell Us Your Concerns

We are always striving to improve the quality of our service. If you feel we have let you down through our service, please let us know. We value your feedback and comments and will endeavour to resolve the issue. You can read more about the complaints process here.

Yes, you can download our disclosure statement here.