Complaints Process


Complaints Process

Tell Us Your Concerns

We are always striving to improve the quality of our service. If you feel we have let you down through our service, please let us know. We value your feedback and comments and will endeavour to resolve the issue.

When a complaint is made we will:

  • Record your complaint, you may be asked to complete a Complaint form
  • Acknowledge your complaint
  • Investigate and review your complaint
  • Propose a resolution

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you can contact Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) of which we are a member. They are an independent not-for-profit External Disputes Resolution (EDR) scheme approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs under the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution ) Act 2008.

This service will cost you nothing, and will help us resolve any disagreements.

You can contact Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) at:

PO Box 5967
Wellington 6011

Ph: (04) 472 3725



This Disclosure Statement was prepared on 1 August 2016. 

It is important that you read this document. This information will help you to choose a financial adviser that best suits your needs.  It will also provide some useful information about the financial adviser that you choose.